Quick Start Tutorial

Airnote is an SMS messaging application that allows you to send SMS notifications to customers of your Shopify store for various events, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, and updates. Harness the high open rate of SMS (99%) to connect with your customers and potentially recover lost sales.

Enable Notifications

Follow the step by step guide to easily get started with Airnote. Make sure to have Airnote installed on your Shopify store to ride this wave of wisdom.

1. Go to Airnote from your shopify store

2. Navigate to the Notifications tab on the sidebar.

3. Choose the specific notification you want to activate (e.g., order confirmations, shipping updates).

4. Click Activate to enable the selected notification.

Customize Your Notifications

5. After activation, click on the rightmost arrow button to access notification details.

Now, you can customize your SMS message template. Feel free to add up to 5 reminders per notification for maximum customer engagement.

Save and You're Done

Make sure to save your changes. Congratulations! You've successfully set up SMS notifications for your Shopify store using Airnote. Enjoy the benefits of connecting with your customers instantly and potentially recovering lost sales with the impressive 99% open rate of SMS messages.